Although Aquarius S.A.L has award winning installations and a highly reputed sales experience, it is our after sales service that we take the most pride in.

Through 50 years, Aquarius S.A.L has accumulated major know-how and experience in carrying out maintenance on all its equipment. Our engineers and technicians are always available to assist in troubleshooting, repairing or supplying spare parts to make sure that all installations are running perfectly and looking their best.

Particular attention is given to spare parts stock management, thereby allowing for a diversified and adequate quantity on hand to assist in dealing with customer service needs, with minimal delay.
Our customer-centric approach focuses on the fact that service is geared towards exceeding client expectations. From sales to after sales service, Aquarius S.A.L provides a fully integrated customer experience that is continuously supported by customer satisfaction surveys.
Today, the company’s after sales service maintains more than 1,500 water treatment plants, swimming pools, fountains and pumping stations.