A fountain, whatever the type, shape or size, brings a fluidic dimension to the environment in which it is situated, and gives an added value to any project, by modifying the entire aspect of the landscape. Just like a piece of art, a fountain, with the combination of water, sound and lighting creates a friendly and soothing atmosphere.

Water fountains design covers a very wide range of features, including water mirrors, basin pools, cascades, waterfalls, rivers, fish ponds, dancing fountains etc. Each feature has its own characteristics and technical requirements. The design and implementation of a fountain is a complex task, a mixture of art and engineering.
At Aquarius S.A.L we have a long standing experience in the world of fountains, as we design and execute the electro-mechanical part of those.

Aquarius’ portfolio includes over 1,000 fountains, from small water basins in private gardens to large water mirrors or waterfalls in public areas. We have the know-how and experience that allow us to design and install all kinds of fountains, enabling us to offer the best technical solutions to our clients.