Scope of work for automation
1- Flow control:

a. Flow meters from 0 to 300 m3/h.
b. Flow totalizer.
c. Pulse water meter with dosing pump.
d. Fluid monitoring and controlling.

2- Monitoring and controlling (wireless, internet, web, HMI, Smart phone):

a. Swimming pools (Pumps status, Temperature, pH, Chlorine level display)
b. Booster pumps (Pressure, working hours, Flow, Totalizer display)
c. Reverse osmosis (Pumps and valves status, Flow, Pressure, TDS, ORP, pH display, …)
d. Waste Water Plants (Pumps and valves status, Flow, Pressure, DO, TSS, ORP, pH display, …)
e. Solar Systems (Data Logging & Monitoring, …)